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Foot Reflexology Diploma Program Evaluations

Please note: New students are free to view all course evaluations for authenticity upon enrollment.

Student's course training expectations, class environment, teaching style and method, instructor communication skills and time allotments are among the questions that are presented to students on a form for numerical evaluation - 1 poor, 2 good, 3 satisfied, 4 very satisfied and 5 excellent.

Diploma Course evaluations from Students - please note not all courses and comments are listed

October 6, 2020 Rating: Excellent - Comment: "Helga is a fantastic teacher. Knowledgable, clear, concise and patient. I look forward to additional training with her. I am so pleased I chose this school"
June 23, 2019 Rating: Excellent -- Comments: "Helga is an amazing instructor, she is dedicated to her students learning and understanding all the material"; "this course is very well designed".
March 18, 2018 Rating: Excellent -- Comments: Planning and organization of course "was straight forward and easy to follow"; "Great use of pictures, diagrams, models and hands on" training.
October 29, 2017 Rating: Excellent -- Comments: Professional training "Went above and beyond expectations"; "Great Handouts and Practical learning"; "I would highly recommend this training".
October 17, 2017 Rating: Excellent -- Comments: " Helga was a professional, warm and kind, everything I need in an instructor"; "Helga is beyond knowledge"; "Very organized, not rushed, lots of time for questions"; "Surprisingly the amount of time was perfect to learn the sequence".
July 30, 2016

Rating: Excellent -- Comments: "Thank you for all your kind words of encouragement & sharing your wisdom"

June 5, 2016 Rating: Excellent -- Comments: "I found this course to be extra informative and the teacher extremely well prepared, knowledgeable and experienced. Thank you"
May 31, 2016 Rating: Excellent -- Comments: "I loved it, learned a lot from this course, more than I expected. Thanks Helga"
March 22, 2016 Rating: Excellent -- Comments: "Love the windows and the natural light" -- "I am so thankful I came here. Helga has a great knowledge and explains things very well and thorough"
February 28, 2016 Rating: Excellent -- Comments: " Very Comfortable" -- "Great class atmosphere" -- "I would recommend this course"
July 22, 2015
Rating: Excellent -- Comments: "Exceeded my expectations" -- "An excellent Instructor and Listener" -- "I would recommend this class and other courses to anyone that is interested".
March 1, 2015
Rating: Excellent -- Comments: "I received more that I expected" -- Would "absolutely" highly recommend this training -- "Excellent" in class environment conducive to learning.
February 26, 2015
Rating: Excellent -- Comments: "Lots of info! Caring Approach!" -- "A very thorough course with a very educational & experienced teacher. It was what I wished for!"
January, 2015
Rating: Excellent -- Comments: "I would very much recommend this training"
April 6, 2014
Rating: Excellent -- Comments: "Great class, great Instructor, very approachable"
April 6, 2014
Rating: Excellent -- Comments: "Was very pleased with quality & presentation = learned a lot and still had fun"
February 28, 2014
Rating: "Excellent ++" -- Comments: Met my expectations "more than anticipated" -- "Very organized" -- "I liked it all" -- "I was pleasantly surprised and amazed with all the knowledge Helga shared with us for a basic Reflexology course. I am anxious to get practicing. I feel very confident and comfortable with all that I have learned."
February 28, 2014
Rating: Excellent -- "I was pleasantly surprised at the course and its depth in learning not only Reflexology material but also anatomy and physiology. Also, the Instructors well rounded knowledge and experience in the medical field was beneficial to use as we gained a much wider knowledge base for our practice. I look forward to continuing my skills and upgrading through Helga's expert instruction".


Reflexology Workshop Evaluations
Please note: Not all evaluations have been listed below. (No workshop has received a rating of less than 4 - very satisfied)

Evaluations from Workshop Participants

Lymphatic Drainage Workshop - December 3, 2016 Rating: Excellent: - Comments: Would recommend this workshop "100%".
Reflexology and Scar Workshop - December 2, 2016 Rating: Excellent: - Comments: "It was a very enriching experience. Thanks a lot"
Reflexology and Meridian Workshop - July 29, 2016 Rating: Very Satisfied - Comment: "Thank you"
Reflexology and Essential Oils - July 11, 2016 Rating: Excellent - Comments: "It was great! Thank you"
What's in the Big Toe? Workshop - April 8, 2016 Rating: Excellent - Comments: "Already mentioned the training to several co-workers"
Lymphatic Drainage Workshop - March 14, 2016 Rating: Excellent - Comments: "Helga is a natural, compassionate, calm, engaging instructor"
Lymphatic Drainage Workshop - July 25, 2015
Rating: Excellent -- Comments: "Fantastic" -- " I loved the whole day and am looking forward to put everything to practice. Thank you Helga!!"
Lymphatic Drainage Workshop - July 25, 2015
Rating: Excellent/Very satisfied -- Comments: "I was so happy with the teacher because she was so patient with me."
Reflexology and Joint Workshop - July 25, 2015
Rating: Excellent -- "Thank you!!"
Reflexology and Meridians Workshop - March 21, 2015
Rating: Excellent -- Comments: "Thank you for this course Helga. I'm excited to begin to apply all that I've learned".
Reflexology and Joint Workshop - November 29, 2014
Rating: Very satisfied -- Comments: "Well planned and organized" workshop -- atmosphere was "relaxed and inviting" -- Instructor is "well informed and knowledgable".
Reflexology and Joint Workshop - November 29, 2014
Rating: Excellent -- Comments: "Very informed"
Reflexology and Meridians Workshop - November 1, 2014
Rating: Excellent -- Comments: "Above expectations" -- "very relaxed atmosphere, easy to learn"
Reflexology and Meridians Workshop - November 1, 2014
Rating: Excellent -- Comments: "Good hands on practice"
Reflexology and Meridians Workshop - November 1, 2014
Rating: Very satisfied -- Comments: "very informative and the presented material was very practical and useful for my practice".


Touch for Health Course Evaluations

Please note: Not all evaluations have been listed below. Students are free to view all evaluations for authenticity. TfH course ratings are numerical 1 thru 10. Alround Very Poor Course (1) to Excellent/Quality Education (10).

TfH Course evaluations from Students

September, 2016 Rating: 10 -- Comments:" Exciting, Powerful and Overwhelming"
August, 2016 Rating: 10 -- Comments: "Overwhelming, Amazing"
August, 2016 Rating: 10 -- Comments: "Organized, very interesting, unexpected"
June, 2016 Rating: 10 -- Comments: "Informative, engaging, helpful"
June, 2016 Rating: 7-9 -- Comments: "Already using some info in Reflexology Practice"
April, 2016 Rating: 9-10 -- Comments: "Hands on, very educational, very nice"
March, 2016 Rating 8-10 -- Comments: "Empowering, interesting, informative"
September, 2014
Rating: 9 -- Comments: "Informative, Intense and Interesting"
September, 2014
Rating: 9 -10 -- Comments: "Interesting, Educational, Positive" -- "Helga is a very pleasant, patient and professional" Instructor.
September, 2014
Rating: 9 -10 -- Comments: "Amazing, Interesting".
July 20, 2014
Rating: 9 -10 -- Comments: Instructor is "very clear and helpful". -- Course is "interesting and enjoyable"
July 20, 2014
Rating: 10 -- Comments: "good instructor, valuable information and easy to understand"
July 20, 2014
Rating: 9 - 10 -- Comments: Instructor is "very good and thorough"
July 13, 2014
Rating: 10 -- Comments: "Very Informative and at a good pace" -- Good in class "reviews" -- "was not boring"
July 13, 2014
Rating: 9 -10 -- Comments: "very thorough"
January 26, 2014
Rating: 9-10 -- Comments: "Amazing, exciting and educational" -- Classroom environment "feels like you are at home or at a family member's house" -- "Thank you for such an awesome weekend".
January 26, 2014
Rating: 9 -- Instructor is "very patient"


General Correspondance

Correspondance received from Course Participants

... Thank you so much for being such an amazing teacher. I learned so much from you and really enyoyed your classes. I look forword to future classes with you.

C. Martin, Maple Ridge, B.C.

... Thank you for sharing all your very valuable knowledge with us. You are an awesome teacher!!


...I faithfully put the cream on my scar after your workshop, every morning after my shower for 15 days.  I tried to document it but the camera did not cooperate! Anyway, the scar originally was white and very visible in the mirror. After the 15 days it now takes a mirror held up to it and my glasses on to see it clearly!  Wow. You are one smart lady! ..... Please let me know if you are holding other classes so keep me on your mailing list.

T. Newell, Sidney, BC

.. it was a privilege for me to learn and be taught foot reflexology from Helga Petersen. She has a broad scope of knowledge and experience in both medical and natural fields of health in the human body. Her class size and environment are conducive to learning and having open discussions.  She is very organized and communicates clearly and effectively what and how we need to learn. I would recommend taking this course to anyone who desires to be taught by someone who is passionate and knowledgeable about what they teach. It was worth every dollar! Thank you Helga!     

E. Giesbrecht, Abbotsford, BC


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