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What is Touch For Health?

Touch for Health is a simple and truly holistic practice for health care available for

the layperson and professional including those who have little or no knowledge in how the human body functions.

Initially, Touch for Health was dismissed by critics as weird, esoteric and even demonic along with other descriptions that portrayed an ignorance of it's principles. The practice originates from knowledge gained by ancient Chinese philosophy guiding the art of acupuncture and by the combined practices of the more recent naturopathy and osteopathy/chiropractics. It has since been furthered and supported by advances in physics, although some “mysteries” that cannot yet be fully explained, still remain. To understand the fundamentals of touch for health, a basic understanding of classical physics and various supporting philosophies associated with quantum mechanics are necessary. However, as few people understand quantum physics, it would not be constructive to highlight the supportive philosophies without a more detailed explanation of the science. And as the complexities associated with quantum physics exceed the ability to provide a short and simple explanation, such an attempt will not be made within the following.

A branch of physics is electromagnetic energy, being a force created by the physical interaction between electrically charged particles. For example, the earth's electromagnetic field is generally produced by electrical current from fluidic movement and high density metal atoms within the earth's core. The energy field created by this interaction extends a great distance into space and serves to protect most all forms of life on earth from destructive and lethal energy within the cosmos, such as solar winds that contain charged particles from the sun. The electromagnetic field fluctuates, stretches and twists in response to the intensity of cosmic energy encountered. The strength and the distance the field emanates from the earth's surface is profoundly affected by activity within the earth's core. An acceleration within the core's fluidic movement would cause the field to intensify and expand, while a deceleration would result in shrinkage and weakening, which depending on severity could cause cataclysmic changes in the earths environmental conditions. A complete loss would ultimately result in the loss of earth's atmosphere and the eventual annihilation of most, if not all forms of life on our planet.

From ancient Chinese literature to documentation starting from the early 1100's and with knowledge gained from science and quantum physics, philosophers and researchers have discovered and stated that people also radiate an energy field, which is referred to as a "bio-field". The principles of the human bio-field are similar to that of the earth's magnetic field and with some study one would find many similarities between the two. It is protective, shielding against other forms and/or types of energy and is generated internally from what is considered to be the result of fluidic movement and the activity of low energy producing atoms that makes up the composition of body's tissue. These low energy atoms are said to amount to about one octillion for every ten kilograms of body weight. As with the earth's field, the human field also constantly fluctuates in response to activity within the body's core and from the affects of other forces, such as exposure to energy from the sun, the earth's gravitational forces, fields generated by electric/electronic equipment and to interaction with other bio-fields in close and sometimes distant proximity.

Most people are unaware that the body produces such energy and the importance it plays on a person's well-being. Almost every individual however uses the field as a "sixth sense" and does subconsciously acknowledge it's existence. In most cases it is simply viewed or categorized as “my space”, which relates to the area immediately surrounding their person or body. One might also say that this space is a buffer or comfort zone used to keep other people at a distance. Interestingly, this buffer provides time for conscious thought that would either allow or prevent verbal or physical interaction with another person. Commonly, an uninvited physical closeness or unexpected intrusion into a person's biofield would result in a negative or “standoffish” type of response, while an invited closeness would result in a positive welcome for verbal or physical interaction. How often have you heard, “I feel good when I'm around that person” or “I can't explain it, but when I am around that person, it gives me the creeps”. Have you ever stood in line at the grocery store and felt someone too close behind you before you turn around and look? The result of two energy fields merging or coming together can be healthy and reinforcing or unhealthy, repulsive and draining.

The human body as a whole generates a bio-field, but to properly define the human body is to recognize that " it is a complex mass of interconnecting tissues/organs that have many independent functions that serve to provide life to a single entity ". Each part is dependent on the normal activity of another to function properly and is fully reliant on the normal activity of the entire sum of parts for a healthy existence of the entity.

The production and health of the human bio-field is also reliant on the normal activity of the entire sum of body parts. A functional disturbance of any organ/tissue can cause a reduction in energy production and ultimately a weakening within the associated pathway in which the energy flows. These pathways are referred to as “meridians” and are critical for the movement of energy that creates a bio-field. Meridians have been mapped and measured and their existence confirmed through modern thermal, electronic and radioactive technology.

Many personal habits and activities can cause physical functional disturbances and a weakening or loss of intensity of the body's bio-field. Constant or excessive exposure to other forms of energy during daily life can play a role in affecting bio-field health. Exposure to these energies can result in an often severe functional disturbance in a physical part (tissue/organ) or the body in it's entirety resulting in fatigue, the development of disease or disorders in a body part, tissue or system and according to research interference in growth and the body's ability to heal and protect itself.

The practice of touch for health determines where disturbances lie in the energy pathways, using simple resistance on skeletal neuromuscular tissue to pinpoint the source. This tissue is ideal and the most logical “tool” for gauging human energy, as it has the ability to physically indicate weakness and strength that lies within. By determining weakness in specific muscles/tissue, energy disruption in the organ, system and meridian, to which the muscle is associated can also be determined. To restore normal energy flow and activity, touch for health uses the simple art of touch and pressure to stimulate corresponding “acupoints”. These points, which amount to approximately 500 in number, are electromagnetic in character and serve as polarity “hubs” or connections for the flow of energy between and within organs, systems and meridians. The practice of “touch” is also an important factor, as here we deal with bio-field interaction, where the energy of the practitioner serves to temporarily support and strengthen the other person.

Touch for Health is truly a “holistic” form of complementary health care that improves overall psycho-physiological activity by redirecting, reinforcing and balancing the body's energy production, expenditure and flow. It is a simple therapy that with practice and study can benefit and be practiced by everyone, whether lay or professional. Touch for Health does not diagnose, prescribe or treat in any way, any named disease. The practice helps to restore and create a physical environment for optimizing health, improving disease fighting capabilities and even more importantly maintaing health.

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